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Tina Yeamans

Abrams, WI
Audiobook fan--2018 goal is to listen to my entire Audible library before buying new books (unless a wishlist book is on sale). My listenings and readings are diverse, and current favorites include 1Q84, Hunger, Bad Feminist, The Hate You Give, Shoot Like a Girl, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, and Kindred. I tend to be a sucker for author-read memoirs.

Spend more time thinking about my stories than writing, but have been working on writing more. Essays and short stories, but also have a book series in mind.

Prefer TV and cinema that make me think and feel deeply at the same time. Great and complicated characters are a must. Favorites include Memento, the Exorcist, Santa Sangre, the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Underground, Queen Sugar Prime Suspect Season 3, and The Sopranos. Rosemary's Baby used to be (problematically) on this list, but as I've aged, the magic has left--with the exception of deeply missing Ruth Gordon's Minnie.

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